The introductory dive: an unforgettable experience



I, like most divers so I started. It was the year of maturity-1982-and with the Group of friends were heading out to Rhodes.

Anything I would have thought except to make a diving baptism of the sea. But there I am dumbfounded at the port of Rhodes to read a manifesto of a dive center that advertises the ability to discover the wonders of the underwater world with scuba gear!

Always dream and desire. A friend and I got there right away for the next day. The appointment at 9 at the wharf.

That night to the great excitement of the events to come we slept very little. However at 830 we were ready on the jetty. Embarked and while browsing the Guide gave us a briefing summary on what I needed to know and do. All strictly in English. More or less we realized, thanks to unequivocal gestures of hand signals underwater. Just arrived on the dive it took the regulator in your mouth and away into the water. I remember clearly that about a dozen people who were at least three or four abandoned immediately and remained in the boat.

The experience was truly unforgettable and-after many years and with much more experience-I appreciate even more the fundamentals on which Orcasub Formentera-today-bases its activities: the initial Briefing. Defining moment, which is done in the original language of the client, explaining clearly the following fundamental topics:

  1. Compensation.
  2. Breathing.
  3. Underwater hand signals.
  4. Moving underwater.
  5. Empty mask.
  6. Recovery and emptying spout.

No need to dwell unnecessarily on the theory, 15/20 minutes, are more than enough. We also have a short video, always in the original language as a teaching aid.

According to Orcasub, it is very important that baptism, at least for the first time being made by land, starting from the beach, which from a lot of confidence in those who are beginners. In this way you have a chance to do the exercises divers needed no more than a metre of water, remaining on her knees on the bottom and if you have any problems just stand up and you're out of the water.

Those who prefer the exercises can make them even in the pool, a closed environment that conveys a more security and peace of mind. Clearly, we also offer the possibility of making the diving baptism from the boat and for those who have already done is definitely more fun; from experience, for those who never did, security, successful and fun are much higher from the beach.

Underwater sea baptism is only a tiny step towards the exploration and knowledge of the underwater world. Orcasub Formentera uses all precautions and precautions, with passion and professionalism, to continue this wonderful underwater adventure that many changed their lives. As to me.

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